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JE Goodies Sale!!!!!

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Jun. 26th, 2015 | 04:39 pm
location: USA
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Once and Forever

Hello :)

RULES and Important INFO:
-Shipping is from the US.
-Preferably to US customer, but negotiations can be made depending on what country
-Prices in USD and only accept USD
-Shipping and Paypal fee not included
-Buyer is responsible for paying shipping and wrapping fee (and paypal fee if paying with paypal)
-I'm not responsible for lost/damaged items.
-Please write nico nico nii on the subject line
-Payments can be made via Paypal ONLY
-Goods can be kept on hold for three days. (if needed more time, just ask :) )

-Please leave your name, country and zipcode, preferred shipping method (priority, priority express), and goods you desire in the comment box. Comments will be screened.

Please click on the group you are interested in!


KinKi Kids


Tackey and Tsubasa


Kanjani 8


Johnny's WEST

HUGE poster sale!! All are in good condition and some have thumbtack marks. Official plastic sleeves are not included.

Junta Nakama and Akito Kiriyama Kansai Junior Summer 2007(Johnny's West previous B.A.D.) POSTER $3

Hideaki Takizawa Takizawa Enbujyou Poster $2

Arashi Popcorn Poster $9 SOLD

Jun Matsumoto Popcorn Poster $8

Kazuya Kamenashi Queen of Pirates Poster $5

Jin Akanishi Kaizobu Han Poster $5

Ryo Nishikido 47 Tour 2007Poster $5

Tadayoshi Okura 2008 Winter Poster $5

SMAP Uchiwa and Poster Set (MIJ) $3

Clear files
Clearfiles are in great condition $7 each


Kansai Johnny's Junior 2008 Pamphlet (features Baby Johnny's West) $6

KAT-TUN First Photobook in New York $5 SOLD

Clippings/Pin-ups/Official Goods/etc

NEWS Winter Party Diamond Ring one size $4
opened, worn once

Offical Eito Ranger 2 Makeup pouch. Unopened, never used $9 SOLD

Seven Eleven Black Ranger Paper File. Unopened, never used $9

Offical Eito Ranger Mini Tote Bag. Opened, never used $5

Offical Seven Eleven Kanjani8 can. $3 each

Official Kanjani8 FTON Tour Coin Case. Opened, never used. $3

KAT-TUN offical photo album for shop photos. Used $3

Unofficial Jin Akanishi Double-Sided Folder (with pockets inside) $1.00

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Comments {6}

Chaco (ちゃこ)

(no subject)

from: baru_rin
date: Aug. 29th, 2015 07:31 pm (UTC)

Shipping for the ring and coin purse will be $8
Shipping for the poster will be $9.
Handling fee will be $0.90.
Therefore, the two shipping prices will be $8.90 and $9.90 USD.

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